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  54 Cargile Lane

   Greenbrier, AR  72254


Cadron  Creek  Outfitters


 "Because you deserve an adventure!"



Paddling  Season


March 1 - June 1

(Twelve Weeks)


Call now for reservations!



Fourteen Glorious Weekends of Paddling

Friday, March 12 - Sunday, June 13
More water!  
The Cadron offers more days of optimal paddling conditions than
any free-flowing stream in Arkansas!

More Paddling!
Over 200 miles of streams available for exploration.
Whether just for an afternoon or for multiple days we offer
several family-friendly AND whitewater-thrilling options.

More camping! 
From off-grid and primitive to accessible and romantic
we have camps, campgrounds and cabins to suit everyone's taste.

More fun than ever!
Camping, paddling, hiking, climbing, foraging, fishing,
frisbee golf, Ninja obstacle course, paint ball,
horseshoes, cornhole, Bocce and Kubb.

For More Info and  Reservations

2021 Spring Fling -- Annual River Cleanup, Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021

Invitations not needed as everyone is invited to volunteer.  The Cadron needs friends and your love and attention.  The creek is totally selfish has never asked for help yet has been steadfast in offering its marvelous works and wonders too us to enjoy, to use, and even consume. Time to pay back and give the creek a good back scratchin' and cleanin'.

We invite you to anticipate in our annual cleanup that covers both road and river -- so if you can walk or paddle or drive or even take notes we have a job for you.   A barbecue feast and good cheer awaits those who participate.

Please RSVP:   cadronboy@sbcglobal.net
Annual Full Moon Float - Friday June 25, 2021
The famous full moon Cadron float -- once viral, now by invitation only to friends of Cadron.  Our prior guests and those already well acquainted with the Cadron and its marvelous works and wonders will certainly anjoy this adventure.  At night the woods, the water and ones senses are fully alive.  An award is always offered for the best boat -- Japanese lanterns, LED cords, and and light dots encouraged.  Afterwards -- usually just after midnight -- we arrive back at camp for barbecue and adult beverages.  This is on of CB's favorite adventures and it happens right here in his backyard.    Come see why we know longer advertise this adventure.

Spookfest II  -- Halloween, Friday-Sunday, October 29-31, 2021
Spookfest:  The Haunting of Pinnacle Springs Campground.
This horror-themed, family-friendly experience offers hours of entertainment where guests can enjoy an assortment of events from fun and campy to spine-tingling scary. Be prepared to scream.   Spooky trails, hay ride and 3-D animations and Treat then Trick Village.  Were it not for our morbid sense of curiosity no one would ever be allowed to camp so close to a haunted and enchanted forest – but we’re going to make an exception and grant you the privilege of spending a night among the unseen.  We have 32 designated campsites available for that weekend.   Just how brave are you?  Reservations available for tickets and camping through HipCamp.Com and EventBrite.com.

Flux Family Festivals - Stay Tuned
We miss you!   But in the era of COVID the warmth of uncovered smiles, hugs, handshakes must wait.  In the interim we have created an experience that is even more personal, more inspiring and without the risks associated with communal camping:  THE SINGING TROUBADOUR!   Campers can still expect live music, art, workshops, and a few skits and stories to entertain and educate but NOW right at their campsite.   Camping like it used to be!!

Any artist -- singer, storyteller, poet, magician, or performance artist -- looking to spend some time on the creek and "take home some bacon" please send CB a message:  john@cadroncreekoutfitters.com.

Come experience  the  challenge of  canoeing

an  Ozark  wilderness  whitewater  stream,


Enjoy   riverside  camping  or  camp-n-go  cabins

on   multi-day  river  adventures,  and


 Escape  your  worries  and  woes  

in  the  great  outdoors  of  Arkansas.

           The Cadron lies in the Ozark Highlands

and is a state designated

"Extraordinary Resource Water"

due to its "scenic beauty,  scientific value,   and

broad-scope  recreational  potential.

Wild, Pristine and Pure.


We invite you to the Cadron!

 Seize the Day!    Grab a Paddle!

  Embark upon an Adventure!