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Cadron CreeOutfitters...

 54 Cargile Lane

 Greenbrier, AR  72254


We welcome you to come enjoy Cadron Creek with us.
  Here in Arkansas only the Buffalo River has as many free flowing miles of water than the Cadron.  So whether looking to spend just an afternoon surfing and playboating Class II white water or looking for a multi-day expedition we can provide the adventure you seek.    To make a reservation please send  us a message as to what you have in mind and we'll respond with our recommendations, quote and a reservation slip. 

Reservations are strongly recommended.  Our season is short and availability is limited.  Without a confirmed reservation we can offer no assurance that access or equipment will be available upon your arrival.  A deposit of $25.00 per boat is required to hold a reservation.  Paypal, Visa, MC, personal checks and money orders are accepted.  We also offer  the option of completing
registration online to streamline check-in  and put you on the river even faster. 


No reservations are confirmed unless
we say they are confirmed and have your deposit in hand! 

Confirmation will always be made in writing via either a text, e-mail or letter. 

Camping and Cabins
All lodging and camping is by reservation through HipCamp.com.   These properties include (click on lodging option):

Camp Toasty

Pinnacle Springs Campground

Pinnacle Springs Cabin

Tanner's I-40 Wilderness Escape

Sparky's Batesville Mt. Campground
Boat Rental and Shuttle Service
Cadron Creek Outfitters is a full fledged boat livery serving the needs of paddlers seeking an adventure on all forks of Cadron Creek and its tributaries. 

Being a small family-run, family-run business we can only offer assistance to just a few people on any given day so if needing our services -- boat rental, shuttle or guide service, or just advice -- please contact us PRIOR to your arrival.  We answer all e-mails and inquiries -- see below -- within a day.  Thanks,

Highway 124 to Pinnacle Springs Campground (13 miles, 6-8 hours)

                   » $60.00 - tandem canoe     » $50.00 - kayak    


Hartwick Mill Bridge to Pinnacle Springs Campground (9 miles, 4-6 hours)

                   » $50.00 - tandem canoe     » $40.00 - kayak    


“Heart of the Cadron” - Penny Lane to PSCG (8 miles, 4-6 hours)

                   » $65.00 - tandem canoe     » $55.00 - kayak    


Pinnacle Springs Run – PSCG to Hwy. 65 (4 miles, 2-3 hours)

                   » $50.00 - tandem canoe     » $40.00 - kayak    


Cove Creek Run – PSCG to Hwy. 285 (14 miles, 6-8 hours)

                   » $60.00 - tandem canoe     » $50.00 - kayak    

          Highway 65 to Highway 285 (10 miles, 4-6 hours)

                   » $70.00 - tandem canoe     » $60.00 - kayak