Cadron Creek Outfitters...

  54 Cargile Lane

   Greenbrier, Arkansas  72254




                                                                Chauncy Neuman

 The season is short -- plan accordingly!
There aren't many places left where one can experience nature's glorious works and wonders unfettered by man.    The North Fork of Cadron Creek is one such place.  On the Cadron you can still find lonely places where bluffs tower over serene pools of water and  waterfalls spray unsuspecting paddlers who venture too close.   The land runs wild and adventure abounds.  

Cadron Creek Outfitters is an outpost for paddlers and campers and a laboratory for field studies in hydrogeology,  the environmental health sciences and ethnography.   The land has been treated with respect and kindness -- placing more emphasis on pick and shovel and less on bulldozers and chain saws. It may be a bit "primitive" but it suits our style well.  

We  welcome you to come visit and explore -- stroll the grounds, swim the waters, play the course, climb the bluffs, tighten the line, bike the trails ... or just kick back and immerse yourself in the experience.     

John "Cadron Boy" Svendsen and Family

      The Adventure Began Many Years Ago ...
         With a Prehistoric Cat    

 The Ozarks are mantled in porous limestone
and honeycombed with caves.
Water oozes from the ground.
Growing up in these hills we couldn't turn away from such temptations.
And check out!

This web site is a landslide of  information on Arkansas fossils and the nature of science.  
Arkansas has a diverse array of fossils, from microbes and plants to crinoids and trilobites to
mastodons, mosasaurs, and even dinosaurs.
 Paleoaerie is to place to explore these wonders. 

And for an update on our dear friend Puma concolor
click on the precious little ghost kitty.
Ghost Kitty