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54 Cargile Lane

   Greenbrier, AR  72254


 Cadron CreeOutfitters





"Because you deserve an adventure"



Paddling  Season


March 1 - June 1

(Twelve Weeks)


Call now for reservations!



Time Draws Near!!

For we have elected to take this month -- April -- off 
so that we ourselves could enjoy some time on the water 
and enjoy this gorgeous green spring.

If you already have a reservation -- don't worry!  
We will be honoring all existing reservations and welcome your arrival.

Although boats and shuttles will not be available we still have a few campsites available for both April and May which can be reserved at HipCamp. com.

There aren't many places left where one can experience nature's glorious works and wonders unfettered by man.    The North Fork of Cadron Creek is one such place.  On the Cadron you can still find lonely places where bluffs tower over serene pools of water and  waterfalls spray unsuspecting paddlers who venture too close.   The land runs wild and adventure abounds.  

Cadron Creek Outfitters is an outpost for paddlers and campers and a laboratory for field studies in hydrogeology,  the environmental health sciences and ethnography.   The land has been treated with respect and kindness -- placing more emphasis on pick and shovel and less on bulldozers and chain saws. It may be a bit "primitive" but it suits our style well.  

We  welcome you to come visit and explore -- stroll the grounds, swim the waters, play the course, climb the bluffs, tighten the line, bike the trails ... or just kick back and immerse yourself in the experience.     

John "Cadron Boy" Svendsen and Family

Book early to reserve an adventure.

Experience  the  challenge of  canoeing

an  Ozark  wilderness  whitewater  stream,


Enjoy   riverside  camping  or  camp-n-go  cabins

on   multi-day  river  adventures,  and


 Escape  your  worries  and  woes  

in  the  great  outdoors  of  Arkansas.



         The North Fork of the Cadron lies in the Ozark highlands 

            and  is  designated  by  the  State  of  Arkansas  as  an  

                  Extraordinary  Resource  Water  (ERW)  due  to  its   

                "scenic beauty,  aesthetics,  scientific values,  broad 

          scope recreational potential and  intangible social  values" .


                         Yet,  few  have ventured into the

                            depths of  the Cadron watershed;

                      Even fewer have paddled its pristine waters.  

Seize the Day!    Grab a Paddle!

Embark upon an Adventure!