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Cadron CreeOutfitters...


           GAIA FLUX

Cadron Creek Outfitters welcomes the Flux Family.   

From the engulfing sounds of musical wizards to the detailed expressions of dedicated artists -- this is an incredible journey, right here in the middle of our beautiful Ozark highlands.


The Flux Family is a passionate community that sponsors music and arts gatherings where all are welcome to express themselves.  These family friendly events offer a indescribable mixture of music and magic and the down-to-earth virtues of the artists and participants make one feel right at home.  A wide variety of entertainment is offered, including musical acts from all over the world, performance artists, fire dancers, delicious and organic home cooked food, inspiring workshops, surreal light structures, and so much more. Everything they do is a strict, leave no trace gathering.  They love people just as much as they love our earth.

Grab a tent, your friends, whatever you need to be comfortable, and come join the Flux Family.

We know you're going to love it!

For More Info:  http://www.fluxfamily.com/