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  54 Cargile Lane

   Greenbrier, AR  72254


Cadron  Creek  Outfitters



"Because you deserve an adventure"



Paddling  Season


March 1 - June 1

(Twelve Weeks)


Call now for reservations!



So excited!
We reopen on Saturday, March 4 for the 2017 Paddling Season.

Please book early to reserve an adventure.


Experience  the  challenge of  canoeing

an  Ozark  wilderness  whitewater  stream,


Enjoy   riverside  camping  or  camp-n-go  cabins

on   multi-day  river  adventures,  and


 Escape  your  worries  and  woes  

in  the  great  outdoors  of  Arkansas.

2017  Special  Events:
Flux  Festivals!!   Need I say more?   The loveliest family-friendly, flow-centric, music and art gathering in Arkansas.    The North Fork of Cadron Creek offers a natural meditative environment free of social restraints where artists, guests and performers can fully explore their creativity  and enjoyment of life.    Expect a wide variety of entertainment, including musical acts from all over the world, live artists offering an amazing spectrum of creative endeavors, fire dancers that challenge the stars, delicious and organic home-cooked food delivered by the friendliest vendors, deep thinking and inspiring workshops, surreal light structures, and so much more.  Attendance is limited so reserve a camping spot early.  For those interested in the magical, addicted to the phenomenal, and curious for that something different then Cadron Creek Outfitters and Flux bring it together.   For more info check out:  www.fluxfamily.com. 

MARCH 17 -19th - Cosmic Flux
JUNE 9 - 11th - Solar Flux
SEPT. 8 - 10th   - Quantum Flux 
OCTOBER 27-29th - Phantom Flux

LiverFestIV.   Cadron Creek's meaty beefy alternative to Little Rock's RiverFest -- a music festival that will rattle your innards.  Two days of camping, canoeing, disc golf, swimming, fishing, cooking, eating, drinking and and lots of MUSIC!  There is even a late night big screen horror flick!  This is an open air heavy rock out event that has been building in intensity -- this music is for real:    Adam Faucett and the Tall Grass, Sumokem, Seahag, Tempus Terra, Apothecary and  much, much more.  A very  high talent quota and a friggin' lot of fun!

MAY 26 -27th - LiverFestIV

EarthWays Community Gathering.   This is the festival for everyone!  For we all have a moral and social responsibility to care for our Earth and our community.   EarthWays is about sharing our thoughts, facts and figures on environmental preservation, sustainable living, and the human potential to do good in a way that offers a vision for the future that all living things can share.   This is a festival that celebrates sustainable low impact lifestyles -- everything from gardening to husbandry, sewing to barn building,  child rearing to home schooling.  And, like every gathering at the creek, between workshops and seminars you can listen to live music, swim, hike, climb or simply enjoy the great outdoors.   This could be the last good weekend for camping before those long hot, hot days of summer arrive.

JUNE 17-18th - Earthways



         The North Fork of the Cadron lies in the Ozark highlands 

            and  is  designated  by  the  State  of  Arkansas  as  an  

                  Extraordinary  Resource  Water  (ERW)  due  to  its   

                "scenic beauty,  aesthetics,  scientific values,  broad 

          scope recreational potential and  intangible social  values" .


                         Yet,  few  have ventured into the

                            depths of  the Cadron watershed;

                      Even fewer have paddled its pristine waters.  

Seize the Day!    Grab a Paddle!

Embark upon an Adventure!